Best Bedbug Spray

The Best Bedbug Sprays in 2024 (Tested by Our Experts)

The best bedbug spray in 2024 is the OnGuard Bedbug Spray. It's one of the strongest product against bedbugs approved by Health Canada. It's effect lasts up to 6 weeks and the 3.78L means you'll have enough in the tank to last you at least a year — which makes sure you get rid of those bedbugs for good. For our US readers, we've linked the best alternative that is as effective as the OnGuard. And of course, there are other bedbug sprays out there, and we'll reveal them further down this article with their pros and cons.

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What Are the Best Bed Bug Sprays in 2024? (Top 5)

Throughout our extensive research and comparisons, our top 5 bedbug sprays include a mix of products that effectively kill bugs on contact, provide residual treatment, and offer diverse applications based on user need.

OnGuard Bedbug Spray

Price: $38.50 CAD

With a strong blend of ingredients like 0.35% Permethrin, OnGuard Bedbug Spray has made a name for itself as a pack a punch against bedbugs. Its capacity to substantially decrease bedbugs, when used as directed, is well-documented. 

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Onguard Bedbug Spray

Why we like it

✅ Registered under Health Canada Pest Control Product Registration
✅ Residual effect lasting up to 6 weeks

What we don't like

❌ Leaves a strong odor

Raid Bed Bug Killer

Price: $10.98 CAD

Raid Bedbug Spray is an economical solution that gives us immediate results. Its magic lies in the aerosol spray design; but, it may become less effective over time due to possible immunity development among bed bugs.

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Raid Bedbug Spray

Why we like it

✅ Suitable for use throughout the home
✅ Very cheap

What we don't like

❌ Not effective as a long-term residual treatment
❌ Direct spraying on bed bugs and eggs is necessary for effective results

EcoPest Bedbug Spray

Price: $34.99 CAD

EcoPest Bedbug Spray is a gift for those seeking an inclusive solution to kill bedbugs, fleas, ants, and other insects, while being eco-friendly.

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the EcoPest Bedbug Spray

Why we like it

✅ Effective against various types of insects
✅ Eco-friendly and safe solution

What we don't like

❌ A bit less efficient than pesticides
❌ Strong overpowering orange-like smell

KONK Bed Bug Killer

Price: $34.99 CAD

KONK Bedbug Spray shines for its preventive measures against bugs from entering homes. It serves well when sprayed around potential entry points. 

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Konk Bedbug Killer

Why we like it

✅ Great for prevention
✅ Easy to apply

What we don't like

❌ Need to use a mask during application

EcoPest Bed Bug Interceptors

Price: $77.99 CAD

If you're looking for something other than a spray, the EcoPest Bed Bug Interceptors are your best bet. These traps offer a non-toxic solution to bed bug detection, suitable for homes with children, pets, or those sensitive to chemicals.

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the EcoPest Bedbug Interceptor

Why we like it

✅ 24/7 detection and protection against bed bugs
✅ Chemical-free and eco-friendly design
✅ Easy setup; place the interceptors under the furniture legs

What we don't like

❌ They may not catch all bed bugs in severe infestations
❌ Need for regular monitoring of bed bug presence

Why trust pest agent?

At Pest Agent, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and trusted advisor in the pest control industry. Our recommendations are derived from in-depth research, thorough testing, and backed by expert opinions.

Our founder and CEO, Ismael Girard, tested more than 10 different bedbug sprays, helped by a team of pest control experts. The extensive testing was based on efficiency, affordability, and ease of use, sifted down from a large variety of options.

Pest Agent believes in integrity and honesty. We pick and recommend the best products that aren't just effective in treatment but are also safe for use around home, pets, and the environment. None of the manufacturers influence our judgement, nor do we ever accept free products.

What we considered in testing bedbug sprays

To identify the top bedbug sprays on the market, we've examined several factors, considering their efficiency, affordability, ease of use, and eco-friendliness. Here's how we evaluated these important criterias:


The best bedbug sprays are usually the ones that are able to kill bed bugs at all life stages, from eggs to adults. We've examined and tested how these sprays eliminate the insects upon direct contact, while also providing residual control in treated areas including furniture and bed frames. Our focus was especially on products that can handle pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs, a rampant problem in many cases.


Bed bugs often demand continued treatment, so it's important the sprays aren't just efficient, but also affordable, offering good value for the price. While we included top-notch professional grade products, we also focused on powerful yet cost-effective bedbug sprays.


The best bedbug sprays should be user-friendly, allowing homeowners easy handling and straightforward application. We examined aspects such as the design of the aerosol bottle, if the sprays are easy to direct into crevices and hard-to-reach places where bed bugs tend to hide, and if the product leaves any troublesome stains or odors. 


An environmental friendly mattress bug spray not only eases the mind, but it's also safe for use around children and pets. Bedbug sprays with natural, non-toxic ingredients were given high regard, particularly those leaving no harmful residue. When it comes to pests, it's always best to keep treatments as safe as possible for the family and the environment.

How to Use Bedbug Sprays?

To make sure you properly eliminate bed bugs, you'll need to know how to use these sprays. This section has all the information you need to make you the best DIY bed bug expert out there!

Prepare the Area

Preparing the space you're going to treat is key. If bed bugs are present in your appliances, especially bed frames and upholstered furniture, it's important first to move these away from walls and other furniture to prevent further issues. Remove all bedding, mattress covers, and cushions, as you'll need to treat these separately.

Empty your closets, as bed bugs often hide in dark areas. Make sure to vacuum all the spots you plan to spray, including hard-to-reach spots. Dispose of the vacuum bag in an outdoor trash bin to ensure you're not bringing these pests right back inside.

Read the Instructions

Always remember to read the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Each solution may have a different formula and specific instructions on how to use it.

Some residual bed bug sprays may need to be diluted with water first or shaken well before use, while others may be ready to apply immediately.

Reading the instructions ensures you're using the product as effectively and as safely as possible.

Wear Protective Gloves

While most bed bug sprays are designed to be safe for home use, it's always a good idea to wear protective gloves when handling these products. The active ingredients in some of these sprays could cause skin irritation.

Wearing gloves will help safeguard against possible chemical exposure, keeping you and your family safe throughout the treatment process.

Apply the Spray

When it's time to apply the spray, focus on the areas where you've noticed signs of infestation, especially crevices and cracks in mattresses and furniture. Spray enough to lightly moisten the place, but avoid soaking it, as this can cause stains and unwanted odors.

Make sure to spray both the topside and underside of your bed frames, box springs, and mattresses. Pay close to attention to corners and seams where bugs like to hide. Bed bug sprays typically kill bugs on contact, so it's important to directly hit as many bugs and eggs as possible.

Maintenance Tips

After your initial spray, continue to monitor and treat the area as needed, based on the product's instructions. Wash your bedding in hot water regularly and use a bed bug-resistant mattress cover to prevent further issues.

Most importantly, seek the help of a professional pest control service for large infestations or if you're not comfortable handling these insects yourself. In the end, a bed bug problem is a battle best fought with all tools and knowledge at your disposal.

How to Choose the Best Bedbug Killer For You?

Shopping for the best bedbug sprays can be challenging, but with a few strategic considerations, you can streamline your decision-making process and choose an effective spray or formula tailored to meet your needs. Let's break it down with a closer look at what to consider.

Type of Bedbug Killer

Bedbug sprays come in various types, each offering unique advantages depending on the severity of the infestation and your personal preferences. We categorize these solutions into 2 main types:

  • Contact Killers: Designed to kill bugs on contact, these come in handy for treating populated areas like bed frames and upholstered furniture. They are often fast-acting, delivering immediate relief.
  • Residual Sprays: These offer long-term effectiveness by leaving active ingredients that continue to kill adult bed bugs, as well as eggs and larvae, even weeks after application. They take the edge off the need for frequent treatments and are a smart choice for dealing with persistent infestations on hard-to-reach spots like crevices and baseboards.

Long Term Effectiveness

It's critical to assess a product's long-term effectiveness in not only killing existing bugs but also interrupting their life stages to prevent further bites and infestations. Products with active ingredients that target pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs and their eggs take the lead here, though solutions that leave no stains or odors behind also score big.


While upscale products often boast advanced features, there's a wide range of budget-friendly options that promise a robust defense against bed bugs. Always consider the volume and concentration of the formula when comparing prices for an accurate value assessment.


The ease of application impacts how quickly and effectively you can treat bed bugs. Aerosol sprays, for instance, are user-friendly and are an excellent option for covering large areas or difficult-to-reach spots. Also, look for products with clear instructions to ensure the safe and efficient use of the bed bug killer.

Safe for Pets

If you have pets, prioritize products labeled as safe for use around pets and family. It's best to opt for non-toxic, natural based bedbug sprays that do not pose a risk of harmful effects if accidentally ingested or inhaled by your pet.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most effective bedbug spray?

When it comes to sheer power and effectiveness, the recognition generally goes to either residual bed bug sprays or contact killers, both have proven to be game-changers. The OnGuard Bedbug Spray is first on the list, with a high-efficiency, both short term and long term.

What is the best way to permanently get rid of bed bugs?

To kill bed bugs, we advise a combination of spray treatments, steam cleaning, and precautionary measures. Use a residual bed bug spray on all possible hiding spots, and if bed bugs aren't gone after a week, either buy a steam cleaner or call a bed bug control expert.

Remember, consistency is key here; intermittent treatment gives chance for surviving bed bugs to multiply.

What do professionals use to remove bedbugs?

Pest control professionals have access to an array of products and techniques not always available to the public. They usually begin with an inspection to identify the infested sites and follow up with a comprehensive treatment plan. They use insecticide sprays developed for professionals, high-heat steamers to destroy bugs at all life stages, and, sometimes even specially trained dogs for detecting infestations.