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The Best Mouse Repellents in 2024 (Tested by Our Experts)

The best mouse repellent in 2024 is the Rodents Away Odor Free Pouches, a top-tier mouse deterrent that ensures effectiveness while being safe for both pets and children. But there are other alternatives — depending on your needs. In this guide, we've highlighted the top 5 mouse repellers, along with their pros, cons and how they work.

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What Are the Best Mice Repellers in 2024? (Top 5)

The world of mice and rats control has evolved over the years, making a bigger impact on our lives especially during every season now. Let's investigate into five of the best-selector mouse repellents for 2024 and understand their benefits and drawbacks.

Rodents Away Odor Free Mouse Repellents (3-pack)

Price: $39.95 CAD

The Rodents Away Odor Free ticks all the boxes. These little mouse repellents are nature-friendly, created using natural ingredients that make them safe for both pets and humans. Not only does this product repel mice, but it also deters them from returning, giving us peace of mind. The invisible "fence" it creates lasts for several months thanks to a slow-release formula that makes it an ideal partner whether you're dealing with rodent issues in your car, storage areas, or home.

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Rodents Away Mouse Repellent

Why we like it

✅ Highly effective
✅ No mess
✅ Completely odorless

What we don't like

❌ Might require patience and trust in the product

How to use it?

  • Step 1: Identify indoor areas where mice are a problem or might find attractive, such as kitchens, garages, basements, and storage areas.
  • Step 2: Place the pouches directly in these areas, ensuring they're distributed evenly throughout the space.
  • Step 3: Replace them every 3-6 months or as needed, depending on the mouse activity and the product's effectiveness over time.
  • Step 4: Dispose of used bags with household waste as they are made from organic ingredients and are safe for disposal.

LONAOO Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent

Price: $46.99 CAD

The LONAOO Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller impressed us with its advanced technology. By producing ultrasonic sounds inaudible and harmless to humans and pets, this repellant safely drives away rodents. This plug-and-use device, with its three operational modes, shows versatility and promises to tackle your rodent problem without any hassle.

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Lonaoo Mouse Repellent

Why we like it

✅ 3 different intensity modes
✅ Broad area coverage (up to 80-120 sq. meters)
✅ Easy setup process

What we don't like

❌ Compromised effectiveness in areas with walls

How to use it?

  • Step 1: Identify outdoor places of ant activity, such as garden paths, near foundations, or around perimeter walls.
  • Step 2: Select the operational mode based on the severity of the pest issue. The device has 3 modes indicated by blue, red, and green lights.
  • Step 3: Monitor the effectiveness. If pests are still noticeable, consider adding more units or placing one in each room for better coverage.
  • Step 4: Keep the device plugged in continuously for ongoing pest control.

Morneve Ultrasonic Plug-In Mouse Repeller (4-pack)

Price: $35.99 CAD

Our top choice for the most budget-friendly repellant is the Morneve Electronic Plug-In Mouse Repeller. It delivers value for money while offering an effective solution in tackling mouse infestations with its sound waves. 

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Morneve Mouse Repellent

Why we like it

✅ Simplicity
✅ Double role as a night light

What we don't like

❌ Only 1 intensity mode
❌ Compromised effectiveness in areas with walls

How to use it?

  • Step 1: Plug each unit into an outlet in different rooms to maximize the area of coverage. Like the LONAOO repeller, ensure the outlets aren't obstructed.
  • Step 2: Unlike the LONAOO repeller, There's only one mode for this product, so simply plugging in the device should begin its operation.
  • Step 3: The devices are designed to work continuously, so leave them plugged in for around-the-clock protection.
  • Step 4: Periodically check the units to ensure they are working correctly, especially if you notice any return of pest activity.

Xcluder Rodent Control Fill Fabric

Price: $36.17 CAD

The Xcluder Rodent Control Fill Fabric takes the lead in effectiveness. Preferred by pest professionals worldwide, this non-chemical mouse repellant works by filling gaps and openings where rodents may gain entry. Made from stainless steel wool and polyfiber, it promises sturdiness and a long-lasting option to your rodent problem.

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Xcluder Mouse Defense

Why we like it

✅ Doesn't involve any chemicals
✅ Really effective
✅ Physical barrier against rodents

What we don't like

❌ Tricky set up for beginners

How to use it?

  • Step 1: Identify all potential entry points for rodents around your property.
  • Step 2: Cut the Xcluder fabric to size using the provided shears. The fabric can be tough, so use gloves to handle and avoid injury.
  • Step 3: Stuff the cut pieces of fabric into the gaps, ensuring they're packed tightly. You can use a screwdriver or similar tool to help push and secure the fabric into smaller or tighter spaces.
  • Step 4: Check periodically and replace any areas where the fabric has come loose or if new gaps have been discovered.

Safer's Critter Ridder Natural Mouse Repellent

Price: $22.98 CAD

Our pick for the best organic mouse repellant is Safer's Critter Ridder Natural Mouse Repellent. This high-performing repellant works on a variety of animals by creating scent and taste aversion. It lasts up to 30 days, making it a practical option for those seeking a nature-friendly option.

Ismael, Founder of Pest Agent, holding the Safer Critter Ridder

Why we like it

✅ Convenience of use both inside and outside
✅ Pet-safe and eco-friendly

What we don't like

❌ Lower longevity than other products
❌ Require frequent applications

How to use it?

  • Step 1: Shake the product well before use to ensure it's properly mixed.
  • Step 2: Spray the repellent directly onto surfaces where rodents and other pests are a problem, or along the perimeter of a building.
  • Step 3: Allow the repellent to dry completely. It's odorless to humans once dry.
  • Step 4: Reapply the repellent every 30 days or after heavy rain to maintain its effectiveness.

Why trust pest agent?

Our founder and CEO, Ismael Girard, reviewed more than 7 different mice repellents. Not only did he do this of his own, but he was also helped by a team of pest control experts. The extensive testing was based on efficiency, affordability, and ease of use, sifted down from a large variety of options.

The result is a comprehensive, unbiased, and accurate assessment of the most effective and accessible mice repellents on the market. Our evaluations are rooted in deep industry insight and personal experience.

What we considered in testing mice repellents

To ensure that we deliver comprehensive and accurate advice to our readers who are plagued by mice invasions, we considered 3 significant factors:


With a variety of effective measures available such as electronic devices, chemical-based items, and organic repellents, each comes with its own set of effectiveness parameters. During testing, it was critical to evaluate not just the immediate results upon applying the repellant, but also the long-term sustainability of keeping the pests at bay.


While dealing with a rodent infestation, the pricing is a crucial aspect to consider. Pest control methods range from inexpensive solutions like peppermint oil or common kitchen items to costlier devices like electronic rats repellers. It's important to find a balance between cost and functionality.


The best solution to a mouse problem won't do much good if it's too complicated to use correctly. Simple options often work best, and the ease of usage is a major factor we considered.

How to Effectively Repel Mice?

So you've read the previous section, and now you understand the importance of the right rodent control method. Let's investigate a bit deeper.

Seal Entry Points

First things first. Mice are masters at finding small holes and cracks where they can slip through. Sealing these points can make a significant difference. Check around the house, paying special attention to the spaces near your food stores and the kitchen - their favorite haunting grounds. Use a robust sealant for the job.

Clean Your House

Keeping your house clean is a pest repellent in itself. Mice are attracted to leftover food particles, crumbs and spills. Deny them this and you remove a significant attraction.

Pay special attention to your kitchen and dining area, and make sure food items are securely stored, preferably in airtight containers. Regularly take out the trash and ensure your bins are firmly sealed. Anywhere food-related needs to be as pristine as possible.

Use Deterrents as Prevention

Let's turn our attention to deterrents. Notable favorites include organic repellents like peppermint oil. The strong smell of peppermint is often too intense for a mouse's sensitive sense of smell, causing them to avoid the area.

Hence, using a rodent repellent like peppermint oil can be a great addition to your arsenal. You can spray the oil around your house or put drops of it on cotton balls and place them around probable entry points.

Electronic pest repellers are becoming increasingly popular for being a humane method of repelling rodents. These devices emit high-frequency sounds, which mice find uncomfortable.

Use Traps for Mice Control

Sometimes, even though all measures, a mouse infestation can occur. This is where traps, such as rodent-baited or glue ones, come into play. If you're dealing with an active mouse population, the best mouse trap can effectively control and reduce it, providing noticeable relief.

How to Choose the Best Mouse Repellent For You?

When choosing the best mouse repellent for your specific needs, you'll want an approach that suits your living conditions, your tolerance for pests, and your budget. Here is what you have to keep in mind.

Type of Mice Repeller

Mice repellers aren't all created equal, and it's key to figure out what kind you want. There are natural repellents like peppermint oil that can deter mice with their strong scent.

On the other hand, you may prefer ultrasonic pest repellers. These devices emit high-frequency sounds that are very irritating for rodents, but completely inaudible and harmless to humans and pets.

Long Term Effectiveness

Think about the longevity of the option you're considering. While natural repellents like peppermint oil may be safe and easy to use, their effect can wear off quickly, and you'll find yourself reapplying them frequently. But, ultrasonic pest repellers provide a continuous deterrent effect as long as they're plugged in.


Budget is always a significant factor. Natural repellents like essential oils can be inexpensive upfront but may require frequent replacements, adding to the long-term cost. Ultrasonic devices, in contrast, have a higher initial cost but can last longer. Assess your financial situation and decide what kind of investment you're willing to make.


Natural repellents need to be strategically placed where the rodents typically roam, and this placement may need to be refreshed regularly. Some might find this bothersome. Ultrasonic devices, in comparison, merely need to be plugged into an outlet, presenting an easier, hands-off solution.

Choose a mouse repellent that aligns with your needs, resources, and pest tolerance level. After all, the goal is a rodent-free, comfortable living environment.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most effective mice repellent?

In our experience, the most effective mice repellent is the Rodents Away Odor Free Pouches. But if you're looking for the easiest DIY treatment to use, you can go the ultrasonic pest repellers route with the LONAOO ultrasonic repeller.

What is the best way to permanently repel mice?

Permanent eradication of a rodent problem takes a 2-step approach: using repellents and securing potential points of entry. We also advise making your home less inviting to rodents - keep your kitchen clean, secure food items in sealed containers, and make sure there are no small holes or gaps around in your home where rodents might enter.

What do professionals use to repel mice?

Professional rodent control services typically use options that are usually much stronger than the natural remedies you might use at home, so they're typically more effective. They specialize in identifying and sealing entry points in your home too.